When you pull up outside our building, step in through the doors and are greeted by our office mascot, you’ll feel something right away…a sense of energy, creativity, fun and a deep rooted history.

From the moment we laid eyes on our facility, located at 126 Main Street in Downtown Pewaukee, it became a part of our story and an important tangible feature of our brand. Sunlight. Color. Texture. Open spaces. Collaborative areas. Nooks and crannies to hunker down in.

We call it home, and we hope you will too.

A Downtown Pewaukee Landmark

Building History & Renovation

Built in 1924, the building at 126 Main Street operated for nearly 100 years as a Masonic Temple. When we first toured the property in early 2014, it had been sitting vacant for almost two years. While many others had toured the space, no one was up to the challenge that Mangold Creative was – taking a 100 year old, 5,300 square foot space, and completing a major renovation for our growing marketing firm.



Built in 1924, the building at 126 Main Street operated for nearly 100 years as a Masonic Temple.



Our new home features a fresh facade, colorful interior, and a fun collaborative work environment.

A Glimpse of the 1920’s Remains

Throughout the process, we were able to preserve touches of the 1920’s, marrying the historic elements of the building with our modern and colorful furnishings and design. Some of our favorite historic touches include:

Get the inside scoop on our building renovation with our team as your tour guide through the entire process. View our Video Archives of the remodel.

Event Space Rentals

The Mangold Creativity Center

The “Mangold Creativity Center” is a modern and fun multipurpose space, with touches of the 1920’s building history. Approximately 27′ wide x 47′ long, you’ll have 1,269 square feet total of space to be inspired, creative and strategic!

It is available for rental for your next:

  • Strategic Planning Session
  • Offsite Retreat
  • Workshop or Seminar
  • Networking Event
  • Community Event
  • Photo Studio Shoot
  • Video Studio Shoot
  • Other Corporate Event

Equipped with:

  • WiFi, of course!
  • Projector and sound system
  • 12′ 10″ x 9′ 4″ whiteboard wall at the front of the classroom
  • Ten bar height classroom tables and 20 bar stools may be configured and used to fit your needs. They work well classroom style, scattered, or combined for more of a conference room layout.
  • Lounge area, featuring living room style seating, television and fireplace
  • Snack counter, coffee maker and beverage fridge
  • Separate kitchen and appliances are available

Unfortunately, the Mangold Creativity Center is not ADA accessible. That’s the drawback to a 100-year-old facility. There are, however, only five steps to access the lower level so hopefully most of your guests can join you for your event. There are two unisex restrooms on the same floor.

For more information on renting the Mangold Creativity Center for your next event, please contact us.

Building Renovation – Before Tour

Building Renovation – Before Tour Throughout Downtown Pewaukee and the surrounding areas, curiosity has peaked about our new office! In this video, Heather takes you behind the scenes in the future office space for Mangold Creative. See the space before renovation begins, and share in our vision for the future! For ongoing updates, be sure…

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