Increased sales. Decreased waste. Greater effectiveness. Larger profits. Getting there faster and better than you did last year. It seems simple, but if you don’t take time to align the sales and marketing strategy with the business plan, any effort to grow turns futile. As a business owner or executive, why would you want to spend money without knowing if it’s the right place, time, and message for your target market?

Everyone knows a strategy is important. But it’s the rare gems who take the time to form it. It’s hard work and often revealing to examine your business. Taking a step back, examining the marketplace, looking for opportunities you might have not uncovered, and coming up with a great way to implement them in your business is our passion.

Let’s build a sustainable strategic plan, attainable budget, and execution strategy through:

Strategic Business Planning

Your Goals

We believe that the key to any successful business is a solid strategic plan. With research, competitor analysis, and reflection, you can better understand your position in the marketplace.

Research & Brand Analysis

Your Market

To get to know you better we conduct research such as:

  • A strategy session with your team to explore past marketing and sales efforts
  • Target market analysis
  • Mystery shopping
  • A competitor audit
  • An audit of your brand
  • Social media analysis
  • A public relations audit
  • Sales and customer service review

Marketing & Sales Plan Development

Your Plan

Once we’ve had the opportunity to explore your brand, we put our thinking caps on and build a Brand Potential Plan™ for your business. This custom marketing and sales plan gives us a snapshot of where you are now and where you want to be.

We will craft a plan that includes items like:

  • Historical background, challenges, strengths and opportunities
  • Competitor and company brand review
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media audit
  • Sales systems and skills review
  • Objectives and measurement tactics
  • Target market and audience analysis
  • Key messages for communications
  • Recommended tactics to grow your business

You’ll also receive:

  • Execution Calendar – Outlining the steps to carry out your branding, marketing, and sales tactics
  • Budget – Featuring a “Good, Better, Best” approach to fit your time, talent, and money

Start your Brand Potential Plan™ and get on the path to a sound strategy.

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