Talking about your sales performance isn’t always easy. Has the excitement of a new business development job turned into the stress and anxiety of meeting performance expectations? We’ve seen that in all business sizes. Or maybe, as a small business owner, your passion and commitment are no longer enough to overcome a lack of professional sales training. We strongly believe your selling strategies should align with your marketing tactics like a fine wine and cheese pairing. Inconsistent systems, processes, and closing rates can make driving an engaged, successful selling culture frustrating.  We’ll help you learn, build, and most importantly implement the skills, systems, and processes to improve your business outcomes. Having well designed and executed sales efforts that align with your marketing tactics is how you go from walking to running.

Align and integrate your sales and marketing efforts through:

Sales Management

Your Practices

All you want is a happy, committed, and productive sales team that will blow your growth goals out of the water! (No big deal, right?) Well, it’s possible. Difficult and time consuming, but possible. To get what you want, you need quality, consistent, and repeatable processes throughout your entire sales function. And that can be overwhelming. No worries. We can help.

Together we’ll build the business practices you need for sales success:

  • Strategies & objective development
  • Hiring and recruitment
  • Training & development
  • Compensation programs
  • Team structure, design, and deployment
  • Forecasting & planning
  • Selling team culture
  • Performance management and evaluation

CRM & Sales Tools

Your Systems

Having trouble choosing a CRM software for your business? Let us help you navigate the selection process from a realistic, educated, and objective perspective. Once you’ve decided on a product, we’ll configure it in a way that makes sense to your team. We want what you want – systems and tools that make your sales efforts more efficient & productive.

Let us help you choose and customize systems that include:

  • Contact management
  • Marketing automation
  • Website, email, and calendar integration
  • Customer service & sales support
  • Selling process with activities
  • Sale funneling, management, and tracking
  • Individual & team performance reporting
  • Forecasting & analysis tools

Sales Process & Training

Your Skills

Sales is an essential piece of your success. Effective selling involves learning & developing an important skill set. Skills that separate you from the competition. Skills that, when aligned with your marketing efforts, can help you reach your Full Brand Potential. You need a sales training that gives you or your sales team the skills, knowledge, and confidence it takes to succeed.

Drive sales by learning or improving these selling skills:

  • Understanding the buying/selling relationship
  • Effective & timely communication
  • Being a brand ambassador
  • Asking the right questions
  • Uncovering obstacles & objections
  • Presenting what matters
  • Making & gaining commitments
  • Winning at follow up

Make your sales function more effective with our help.

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