Too many people look at budgets as the financial aspect of your business alone. At Mangold Creative, we look at it differently. In order to execute on a great strategy and great marketing and sales tools, you need to evaluate your time, your talent, and your money. You may have all the talent in the world to build your sales and marketing platform, but if you don’t have time and your plan ends up on the back burner, that’s where we come in handy.

When people ask what we are good at…it’s getting things done. That’s why we partner so well with small organizations who have a limited or non-existent marketing or sales management staff – we take things off the owners’ and managers’ plates so they can focus on the business of running the business. Even mid-sized businesses that do have an in-house marketing department may find that they don’t have the time for all the projects they hope to accomplish in the year, and we love to assist there, too.

We’ll build an execution plan around what you are lacking:

Your Most Valued Asset

Your Time

For most small and mid-sized businesses, regular execution of a marketing or sales program can be tough. Often it’s not a budget problem, it’s a time problem. Things like social media, great branding, and managing a sales force take a back seat to the day-to-day operations. Avoid the start/stop mentality that often happens and bring consistency to your execution.

Benefits of our Virtual Marketing and Virtual Sales Director programs:

  • Ongoing Execution – We’ll take the strategy we built together, ensure it sees the light of day, and update it as things change
  • Regular Meetings – We’ll plan, run, and keep track of the pesky homework items that often fall through the cracks
  • Tracking and Monitoring – Leave the measurements to us, we’ll report on the progress
  • One Point of Contact – Even if we don’t manage your entire brand, we can interface with other employees or vendors to help you stay on track

Leveraging Your Skills

Your Talent

Most small business don’t have a large marketing or sales budget. That’s where your talents come in. From blogging to social media posting to creating sales reports, we’ll help you determine what work you have the time and talent to accomplish on your own, making the most of your resources.

Building & Managing a Budget

Your Money

The beast in any business – managing cash and predicting the future! Once we’ve set a marketing budget, we’ll work with you to keep it on track. From accurate planning and forecasting to regular budget reconciliations, our clients appreciate our “Surprise Free” approach to managing your marketing and sales dollar.

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Not Your Typical Marketing Agency

Our Team

Each individual at Mangold Creative brings a unique set of skills – together, they can make up an entire Marketing Department and Sales Leadership team to aid in your execution.

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Working on a Shoestring Marketing Budget?

Our Commitment

As a new startup, micro business or individual sales person budget is always tough. We’ve created products designed specifically to build your brand and manage your budget as you grow your business.

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