Branding is all about… Fonts. Colors. Graphics. Words. Tone. Backstory. Excitement. Service. Product Performance. Space. Satisfaction. Many elements, driving the overall experience people have with your business. Without branding, your company lacks identity, personality, and context. Without branding, your customer experiences transactions, not emotions. And without branding, your story goes untold.

It’s a fun experience – finding your true brand personality. Like looking in a mirror that has been dirty and marred for years, when you see your organization truly reflected in your marketing collateral, website, sales team, showroom, and product delivery, that’s success!

Let us help you find your organization’s brand personality through:

Logos, Branding & Graphic Design

Your Look

You only have one chance to make a first impression – it needs to be eye catching, consistent, and truly reflect who you are as an organization. From the logo or word mark you use to promote your startup, small business, or mid-sized company to the colors and fonts you choose, people connect meaning to the visuals that represent your brand.

Stand out from the crowd through:

  • Logo design
  • Color and font selection
  • Brand design and creative concepts
  • Defining consistent brand standards

Copywriting & Message Development

Your Story

It can be difficult to tell your own story – whether you are facing writers block or simply can’t come up with the words to reflect who you really are. Bland, boring copy doesn’t differentiate you, and doesn’t help communicate your value to each unique target market you serve. It’s time to tell your story to the world!

We can help you find your voice through:

  • Business or product naming
  • Tagline development
  • Key messaging
  • Developing your backstory
  • Copywriting services

Customer Service & Brand Experience

Your Delivery

Your brand isn’t just your logo. It is about the feeling people get when they interact with everything your company does. It’s felt in your product or service delivery, seen in the physical spaces of your office, store, or showroom, and reflected in your customer service rankings, referral, and retention rates.

Develop brand excellence with our help:

  • Research, focus groups, and mystery shopping
  • Customer service or sales training
  • Customer referral and retention programs
  • 3D virtual tours of your space
  • Or, simply connecting you to a trusted partner who can help solve your problem

Contact us about our small business branding, marketing, and sales services.

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Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

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