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Brian Odeja

Sales Program Director


Kelsey Jannsen

Design & Social Media Specialist
Personalities - Abby Habeck


Abby Habeck

Marketing Production Coordinator

At Mangold Creative You'll Find

Service With a Smile

There are two sides to our team. They are in stark contrast of each other, but they perfectly compliment each other.

Get What You Expect to Buy

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Seamless, Reliable Execution
  • Experts in Marketing & Sales
  • A Quality Product
  • Professional Work
  • Serious Results

And, What You Didn’t Know You’d Also Get

  • A relationship that feels more like a friendship, hope you like to have fun!
  • Someone who takes things off your plate, and pokes you when you are the holdup!
  • A team that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously, because no one likes a know it all!
  • A partner who is deeply invested in your business, we share your hurts and pains!
  • More fun than you ever could expect to have, at least while growing your business!
  • A group of serious goofballs, we share your work hard, play hard mentality!

Looking for a Career in Marketing or Sales?

Join the Fun

Our growing team is always looking for people to join the fun at Mangold Creative who are passionate, agile, authentic, connected, and bright. If that describes you, we should talk!



Small Business Minded

Our Philosophy

When it comes to Reaching Your Full Brand Potential, we believe there are five key areas that impact your business. When they work together you can reach your Full Brand Potential.

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