Mobile-First Strategy for websites

Having a Mobile-First Strategy

Is a “Mobile-First” Website Important for Your Business? The future is here and happening at an increasingly fast rate. Smartphones and tablets have quickly become people’s personal pocket-sized computers. People are using these devices everywhere and that ultimately influences how they use websites, how they spend time on the Internet, and how they make decisions.…



Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Good brands are built to stand the test of time, but even the best ones refresh their look every once in a while. It’s important to conduct routine maintenance and perform updates when necessary AND be willing to completely part with your look, tagline, and even logo — AKA Rebrand — if it no longer serves your target markets and your company goals.


Responsive Web Design - Why It’s A Critical Component of your Website

Responsive Web Design

Surfing the internet used to be an activity limited to stationary desktop computers and laptops. But times have changed and the majority of all website traffic comes predominantly from mobile phone and tablet devices. Because of this reality, presenting an outdated website where mobile users must zoom-in to read or pan-and-scan, is no longer an option.


6 Quotes to Help Inspire

6 Quotes to Help Inspire Every now and again we all hit that inspiration wall. For me, it’s always around this time of year (right before spring!) that I feel uninspired and get a little bit of creative block. It’s like you can’t think straight, you feel tired and like you need to take a…