Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Good brands are built to stand the test of time, but even the best ones refresh their look every once in a while. It’s important to conduct routine maintenance and perform updates when necessary AND be willing to completely part with your look, tagline, and even logo — AKA Rebrand — if it no longer serves your target markets and your company goals.


6 Quotes to Help Inspire

6 Quotes to Help Inspire Every now and again we all hit that inspiration wall. For me, it’s always around this time of year (right before spring!) that I feel uninspired and get a little bit of creative block. It’s like you can’t think straight, you feel tired and like you need to take a…


Hello My Name is Anna Trokan

Hi There! My name is Anna Trokan, I’m the Graphic Designer (aka “Creative Suite-ey”) and the newest member of the Mangold Creative team. I’m very excited to be part of Mangold Creative and eager to begin developing creative solutions to help businesses thrive and prosper.